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Walker Logistics is a New Zealand-owned, international and domestic freight-forwarding and courier company.
We provide a high level of client quality through quality services, regular communication and competitive pricing.
We will manage all of your international and domestic transport needs whether they are of an urgent or economic nature.


  • Walker Logistics Network – we can move anything from anywhere to anywhere, from small documents through to containers; both domestic and international.
  • Automated track & Trace – We monitor your goods every working day and report to you via e-mail, fax or phone on the key events of your shipment. In the event of a delayed shipment you will be notified automatically.
  • Chamber Member30 Years Experience – we know the best solutions for moving goods around the globe and our continuous improvement program ensures you get a solution with competitive advantages.
  • GPS tracked vehicles
  • Available –24/7/365.

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0800 2 925 537

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